Financial security is essential for domestic helpers working abroad, especially in times of emergencies.
If you find yourself short in cash to send back home or to pay for an overdue payment, you need a reliable and trustworthy moneylending service in Singapore.
Tradition Credit provides the best foreign loan products for you.

Domestic Helper Loan from Tradition Credit

Facing a financial emergency? Maybe your family back home is experiencing trouble paying unexpected bills from school, government or healthcare providers.
Maybe you need a personal loan for a medical emergency. In times of uncertainty, you need a service you can rely on.

Tradition Credit offers reliable and flexible loans for foreign domestic workers in Singapore.
As long as you have the necessary documents, you can quickly get verified and loaned to.

Singapore Maid Loan Products

Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) form an essential part of everyday Singapore economy.
Maids, helpers and other domestic workers coming in from the Philippines, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries provide an invaluable service.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, there were 247,000 FDWs as of last December 2017.
Domestic workers fly to Singapore for better job opportunities, guaranteed competitive pay, and better standards of living.
Compared to some other countries, domestic workers in Singapore are also the focus of increasingly stronger legal protections.

As such, maids and domestic helpers in Singapore have access to different loan products when they need the extra money.
For years, Tradition Credit has been providing loan solutions that fit the needs and capacities of Singapore locals, foreign workers, and FDWs.

Other options for personal loans are not as good as borrowing from a licensed moneylender.
While FDWs in Singapore can have good relationships with banks, it will take a long time to get a good credit rating for a bank loan.
For most maids and domestic helpers, it is almost impossible to borrow from a bank in time.

Going to a personal friend for a loan or trying to borrow from illegal moneylenders can be similarly troublesome or inefficient.
Illegal moneylenders can prey on your vulnerability and trap you into a cycle of debt and harassment.
The best method is still to go to a trustworthy name in licensed moneylending.

Foreign Domestic Helpers Loan Available from a Trustworthy Source

Traditional Credit is a licensed moneylender that you can trust for flexible, reliable and convenient loan products.

The offered loan products, which includes the Singapore maid loan and Filipino loan available,
can give you access to the money you need to meet unexpected expenses before the next payday, or to pay for large bills for an emergency back home.

There are many advantages to getting a loan from a licensed moneylender:
• Unsecured loan
• Flexible repayment plan
• Reliable and regulated service
• Confidential transactions
• Fast transaction
• Lowest interest charge for foreign domestic workers

Because foreign domestic helper loan caters to your lifestyle, budget and needs, you don’t have to worry even more about your finances in time of emergency.

Getting a credible foreign domestic loan while protecting your interests should not be difficult or risky.
You need to provide basic requirements when you apply, including a proof of income and a valid FDW work permit.

Other supporting documents, which may be requested for verification, include:
• Passport
• Employment letter or letter of appointment
• Most recent 6-month bank statement
• Most recent 3-month salary statement
• Bills or tenancy agreement stating your current residential address

Tradition Credit has over 20 years of experience as a registered moneylender.
You can get the money you need without having to pay incredibly high fees or hidden penalties.
Apply for your domestic helper loan online or call 6846 9108!