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Short Terms Loans

When you need short term loans for personal use, Tradition Credit can offer a quick and easy solution.
Our friendly team are specialists in getting your loan to you in as little time as possible.
This means your much needed funding is accessible to you quickly.

We understand that every individual has a time when they need funds fast.
When you apply through banks, you could wait days — if not weeks — waiting for approval and funds.
That means time wasted on new opportunities, investment deals and a potential loss of future income.
Since we offer fast approval and deliver on all short term loans in Singapore, you don’t have to worry about these costly delays.

Our online application form should take you about 5 minutes to complete.
Tradition Credit short term business loan is right for you when you:

  • Need money quickly — we approve loans in three to seven working days
  • Can’t get a loan from the bank
  • Have reached your overdraft limit
  • Can’t wait or go through a lengthy application process

The maximum amount you can borrow is based on the revenue and cashflow of your business.
The loan can be used for any business purpose. Our clients typically use their short-term business finance:

  • To grow
  • To increase revenue
  • To improve efficiency
  • To decrease costs
  • As working capital when many bills are due at once

Whatever the reason, Tradition credit can help you with a short term cash loan.

All the great loans in one place

We get you the cash when you need it.
Simple, fast and secure.
Borrowing with us is done in 3 easy steps.

Business Loan Available

We have simplified the business loan process by focusing on business health, not just personal credit.
And that let you spend time where it should be — on growing your business.

Loans For Expatriates

Ever since 1994, Tradition Credit solve many issue facing loans for expatriates and foreigners residing in Singapore. When you employ our services, we tailor different payment schedules for your circumstances.

Personal Loan

A personal loan can be the perfect way to get what you’ve always wanted. We offer secured and unsecured money loans depending on your situation and always work to cater to your unique needs

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All The Great Loans in One Place.
Tradition Credit.

Simple, Fast and Secure

We have been serving our customers in Singapore since 1994, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services solutions including business and personal loan services.
We have a long serving group of staff who are knowledgeable and helpful to assist you with the loan in a simple, fast and secure process.