Many small businesses fall before they reach growth and maturity. Why does this happen? Your guess is as good as mine! Financial challenges. Most businesses whether big or small, require some financing at some point. It may be at the introduction stage, during growth, maturity or Decline, to either finance acquisition of equipment, supplies, lease of building or fleet of vehicles or perhaps for wage payment. Don’t wait until your business crumbles, reach out for an SME Business Loan and remain liquid for the smooth running of your business.

SME Micro Loan is a facility offered to small and growing businesses to aid in day to day operations. In other words, the loan is meant to finance your business working capital.

Loan Features

  • Qualifying amount of up to S$ 100,000
  • Competitive business interest rate
  • Loan tenure of up to 4 years

Required Documents

  • Loan application form (to be filled Online)
  • Business Certificate or License
  • Previous 2 years audited report or certified financial statements
  • Latest 6 months Bank Statement
  • Most recent personal tax assessment notice for the owners, directors, and partners
  • Business income tax returns
  • Business lease or a note from the landlord
  • National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) for the owners, directors, and partners

Singapore licensed moneylender

Why Choose Us

Licensed Money Lender

We are a trusted Singapore Licensed Moneylender, having been in operation since 1994. Our business operations are legitimate and therefore you should feel safe to transact with us.

Fast Turnaround Time

Unlike other money lenders, our turnaround time is quick. We have employed professionals who are well familiar with the lending processes. So, in case of an emergency such as cash flow problems that require immediate financing, you can count on us.

Quick Response

You cannot believe this! We can actually give you a response to your application within 5 minutes. We use an advanced technology that makes your application fast and efficient and our team is always on standby to assess your applications and respond to your query as and when received.

Collateral Free

Unlike the banks where you are required to provide security, our facility is collateral free. We understand that your focus is on growing and expanding your business and therefore we need not bother you much.

Flexible Repayments

We have flexible repayment scheme that is designed to suit your budget and ability to pay. Also, we allow extra payments as and when you can and early payment that is penalty free. We are independent and unlike some lenders, we provide unbiased advice to bridge the financial gap for your business.

Loan Tailored to your Needs

Our team of professionals will help you apply for the amount that is just right for your budget. We understand the dangers of over financing and under financing. If we give you more than you need we shall be burying you into debts, and again if we give you less than you need it might not meet the intended purpose.

To access this loan, simply complete a simple loan application form online and we shall contact you to discuss your application and options available.