Has Laptop broken down three days before the thesis submission, a washing machine that gives up the ghost just before leaving for work, accumulating debts, late rent … Who has never found himself faced with an unforeseen event financial? In this case, the use of a traditional bank loan is not indicated, and your loved ones may not have the means to help you out. Under these conditions, alternatives are possible, such as the loan between individuals, which requires neither banker nor file. But how do you do it? How to ensure that a loan offer by money lenders in Singapore is serious and honest?


Money Lending in Singapore is so successful and competes so strongly with traditional loans, this is because it provides a viable alternative to the realities of the Singapore financial world.


For those looking for an opinion on private loans, we recommend contacting a lender through peer-to-peer lending platforms on the internet. Not all are created equal. Our favorite: Tradition Credit, which connects with you and understands your money needs, and lends it to you. Their loan allows you to finance projects for which funding is needed quickly. Vacation, buying a car or household equipment, or wanting to replenish dangerously low cash flow, many scenarios can make a personal loan useful.


Apart from social micro-credit, reserved for low-income people, it is possible to resort to urgent credit online with Tradition Credit. Concretely, it is a licensed online money lending institution that allows borrowers to avoid resorting to banks by calling on the savings of investors. We are the pioneers in Singapore on this market! This solution allows any individual to benefit from several advantages:


  • a low and attractive rate, without any hidden costs or deceptive rates;
  • an express turnaround time;
  • real-time transparency at each stage of the case (information is given to the applicant by SMS, email, and in the customer area).


A Certified and Licensed Money Lender in Singapore

Singapore’s “Lenders Law” has strict regulations on the behavior of licensed lenders in terms of advertising, loan cost ceilings, and debt recovery. The Ministry of Law of Singapore and its lender registration bureau also cooperate with the country’s voluntary welfare organizations to help borrowers better manage debt, and through the official website and other channels, publicize lending risks and industry regulations, and make recommendations to borrowers.

With the Tradition Credit, we can get the loan in a matter of 48 hours at most to finance any project that we want to carry out, from the purchase of a vehicle to a trip, through reform or even treatment of Health. In addition, Tradition Credit is one of the best money lenders in Singapore’s market that offers personal loans with the lowest interest rates.


Its repayment term ranges according to your need, so we can choose the monthly payment that best suits our financial situation without problems. In addition, they will not require us to change banks, it does not include an opening commission or the contracting of linked products, so from the beginning, we can know what the final cost we will pay will be and how much each monthly fee will be.


Your hiring process is very fast and easy since it is completely online, that is, we can do it from any device with an Internet connection. Likewise, once the application form has been sent, they will give us an automatic response, they will ask us to send our documents and, if everything is correct, they will send us the contract. We can sign it at the time and have the money in our account within a maximum period of 48 hours.

Borrow quickly online with Limited Credit to get cash without delay.


“Credit without proof”: What are the loans Tradition Credit provides with no document?

They offer you our wide variety of loan types so that you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for. With our loans, you can start to carry out any project or dream you have in mind.


A few clarifications are in order. By credit without proof, we must understand credit without proof of use. This notion changes everything! This is what differentiates the personal loan from other consumer loans: it is not assigned to a specific project. Individuals can borrow a sum of money without having to justify the use they will make of it. There is therefore no need to attach invoices, quotes, and other purchase orders to your loan request.

This is also what makes a Tradition Credit’s loan quick and easy. On the other hand, supporting documents concerning your situation will be systematically requested from you, regardless of the banking organization or the credit company requested: payslips, tax notices, bank statements, in particular. This is, for the banking organization, to ensure that you will be able to repay your consumer credit over time.

You can find the personal loan that best suits your needs, such as the Quick Online Personal Loan without Documents, in case you need a small amount just with your salary or pension, the Online Coe Renewal Car Loan to be paid in desired years or the Short Term and Business Loan, in which we advance you with the required amount with repayment term. They also have an unsecured loan (which requires collateral) for people who don’t have great credit scores but don’t want to pay very high-interest rates.


Do not wait any longer and consult all our proposals so that you find the loan you need:


The benefits for YOU as Borrower


  • No more banks Because of the crisis, banks are cautious in granting loans and only grant favorable terms to the best customer profiles.


  • Those who have only limited income, do not have a solid financial and/or professional situation, and do not present solvency guarantees or have been under bankruptcy for many years may therefore find it difficult to obtain a positive response, whether for a personal loan or a credit redemption.


  • For other borrowers, the choice of money lending is explained by the lack of confidence in a system that they do not wish to guarantee by requesting an “official” bank loan, not to mention that bank interest rates have declined. Steadily increased about personal loans.


  • Compared to the bank, this solution has the advantage of requiring only reduced application fees, because the operating costs of Traditional Credit are lower compared to those of large banking brands.


  • It also allows them to offer lower interest rates than most traditional establishments. Finally, the administrative constraints are lightened, making the transaction simpler and faster in comparison with a personal loan, a mortgage, or a repurchase of credit.

Banks, financial credit institutions, mini-credit companies … The options to get cheap and fast personal loans are many. However, you must be careful, as you could end up in the clutches of a fraudulent lender if you are not careful enough.


The network is full of suspected lenders whose sole objective is to take advantage of the need of users seeking financing. They promise large sums of money with very low interest, but the reality is that the client will never receive the loan and will end up losing money.