Credit loans involve transactions between two parties; the lender and the borrower. In most cases, the debtor incurs some interests on top of what they owe their creditors.

Since we all have bills to cater for, like school fees, medical emergencies, among others. On other occasions, we may need funds to kickstart our business. That’s where credit loans come in handy.

Failure to repay the loan in time leads to consequences. For this reason, the borrower needs to hold on to their end of the bargain.

This article will share some of the best tips to consider when applying for credit loans in Singapore. If you’re lucky, you’ll know how to compare and choose the best credit loan companies with the best discounts to suit your needs. One of the best is Tradition Credit Company.

1.    Longterm or shortterm loans

First of all, it is critical to consider the type of loan you need, whether short or long-term.

Here is why you should consider long term credit loans

Borrowers who need to see their children complete school, build their family dream house, or upgrade their motor vehicle need to consider such long-term loans.

·       Huge money access

long-term loans are very efficient, especially if you have pending life commitments. In the long run, you must have a way to compensate.

·       Reduced EMI

EMI is that amount that is deducted from your paycheck monthly to cater for your loan. A lengthy credit has a longer duration, so you may spread it out over more months to make the EMI more bearable. Calculate the shortest term you can handle using an EMI calculator. Longer loans might also help you enhance your credit score by demonstrating your dependability and punctuality. You won’t have to pay any further interest this way.

·       Improved creditworthiness

One other advantage of long-term loans is that they might aid in credit score improvement. It demonstrates to banks and regulated moneylenders that you are a trustworthy individual who can pay back loans on time. A good credit score boosts your trustworthiness and raises the likelihood of future loan approvals.

Here is why you should consider short-term loans

·       They are quite efficient

Borrowers do not need to put up any security for short-term personal loans, also known as personal loans. Because of the modest loan amounts, short-term loans are evaluated and authorized quickly.

·       Fast disbursement

unlike long-term borrowing, a short-term loan may be completed and authorized in less than an hour. Short-term loans from licensed moneylenders are more likely than bank loans to be accepted by financial institutions within the same time frame.

2.    Repayment plan

Your repayment plan is another tip to consider when applying for a loan in Singapore. The question you should ask yourself is what effect the loan will have on your monthly budget. Banks will closely have a look at this and determine what amount they can credit you.

You must see the pattern of your monthly expenditure and decide what loan amount will suit you. Besides, good loan budgeting will save you from disorienting your borrowed money.

3.    Ask around for the top credit loan lenders

Before being in a legal agreement with any lender in Singapore, it is wise to conduct background checks. Some lenders turn out to be fraudsters who extort, harass and threaten you. Such malpractices will make you wish you didn’t seek the loans again.

Here are a few tips to help identify illegal lenders in Singapore;

·       They will avoid contracts at all costs.

And if they offer you one, it’s either incomplete or blank. Legitimate loan lenders will walk you through all the terms of the loans and give you the contract afterward.

·       Loans offer via SMS and email.

These thirsty loan sharks will use aggressive means through WhatsApp and email to convince you to take loans. A legit organization will advertise its services on its websites or consumer directories.

·       They don’t exist in the valid money lenders list

This is also another red flag you need to watch out for. Before inquiring about the credit loan, look for legitimate lenders here. A legit money lender will request you to come into their physical address and verify your documents before disbursing the money.

A good example of one of the top money lenders is the Traditional money lender company in Singapore. An illegal one may not have a permanent address and will assure you of quick loan approvals without even appearing via email or SMS.

4.    Learn of all the fees

Don’t just borrow money without knowing the fees you’ll incur throughout the loan. An interest rate should be the least of your worries. There are other charges such as the annual fees, late payment fees, and the change in tenure fee. All these are very important when applying for loans in Singapore.

Take note of how these lenders charge and pick the most lenient in case you miss a payment etc.

5.    Apply for one loan at a time

Loan borrowers in Singapore are advised to only submit one loan application at a time and no more than two each month.

You might keep your choices open by enquiring about the many credit programs available on the market. This will have no impact on your form, credit score, or prospects of acceptance.

There’s no downside to asking too many questions if you want to make a sensible conclusion!


Credit loans are a fast way to access to get hold of some money. It doesn’t matter what kind of emergency you need the loan for as long as you have the perfect repayment plan.

Ensure you have a deep dive into these moneylending businesses before signing up with them. Understand their charges and contrast them with others. In Singapore, several legit lenders and banks are willing to help.

I hope the tips shared in this article will guide you while applying for a credit loan in Singapore are of much help. Loans are crucial, and it is unwise to get involved in them blindly. So Goodluck!