How to Find the Correct Instant Loan Lender in Singapore

Think of an instance where there are existing bills unpaid, ranging from food, school fees, medical insurance, and the family is looking upon you to have these catered for. It brings a  feeling of anxiety which, if not managed in good time, can lead to extended financial constraints and end up in health problems.

At this point, the issue of accessing quick money comes in to help one resolve such challenges in a more authentic and timely manner.

Definition of an Instant Loan

While there are many forms of loans, we need to understand what an instant loan is and the extent to which residents in Singapore can access it. An instant loan refers to an urgent form of finance advance offered to people whether in employment or in business, to help them cater for their urgent needs.

These include home repairs, medical bills, payment for foodstuffs, unlike many other expenses that need to be sorted within the shortest time possible.

The whole process of an instant loan takes the same process to many licensed Moneylenders in Singapore, just as it is for personal loans.  However, the application is more simplified in comparison to the old ways of accessing the same in Singapore.

For instance, banks could only lend instant loans to people whose annual income was not less than $30,000, but in the recent past, moneylenders will go for as little as $20,000 to qualify.

Qualifications for Instant Loans in Singapore

Besides the annual income basis, other conditions demand one to have before accessing an instant loan, and these are:

  • One must be a Singapore Citizens who have proof of residence.
  • Permanent residents with a Singapore pass and work permit are also allowed to access the credit.
  • Income statements
  • NRIC

There are tons of Moneylenders offering instant loans in Singapore. However, some of them are not legitimate, and there is a need to work with a company that gives you not only the instant service but also plans to work with them in the near future.

One of the most popular moneylenders and well known for its authentic service is Tradition Credit Pte Ltd.

This is a registered Moneylender in Singapore that has offered continued moneylending services to Singapore residents since 1994. Most clients have applauded the company for its timely, fast, and secure services.

Why Work with Tradition Credit for Instant Loans?

  • Having been registered and operating under the law, Tradition Credit has built confidence with its customers about their great tidings, listening to customers, and working within their limits.
  • The staff too are lenient, experienced, and ready to offer the best customer service experience to the customers. By doing this, many walk out satisfied with a feeling of respect to having been served in a fast, simple, and most secure money.

If you are looking for an instant loan today, look no further but contact us at and experience this exclusive service.

With this in mind, it’s therefore important to get to know How to Find the Correct Instant Moneylender in Singapore

As said previously, it is of utmost importance to know how to find the moneylender to work with as you decide where to go. This is because many out there can walk away with huge sums of money in the name of interest in addition to hidden charges, which, if proper research was done, could not happen. Below are some points to consider while finding the correct Moneylender to work with besides working with Tradition Credit PTE ltd.

  1. The Company’s Reputation

This is a critical point that every borrower should pinpoint at the onset of looking for a moneylender. How reliable is the company? To what extent have the previous borrowers relied on them? What is the online review talking about the company from the experience?

All these are facts to ponder before settling down for one because there are tens of online scammers out there looking to take hold of innocent people, who may not be aware of them. They are well known as loan sharks.

Take time and research comprehensively, however much the loan might be urgent. Simple research can sort hundreds of dollars from going down the river.

  1. Confirm if the company has offered Instant Loans in the Past.

Do you know that you can be used to pilot a type of loan, and it ends up falling on you? Always make sure to go through the company’s profile, understand the type of loan they offer and confirm if they match your immediate need. By doing this, one will be comfortable getting to understand how the interest rates work, the repayments, the number of installments, and compare with the industry for a conclusive answer.

  1. Interest Rates being Offered by such a Company

Interest rates determine the value of monthly installments that one can make every month.  However, due to the competition in the market, legitimate Moneylenders have formed an umbrella to give uniform interest rates to their customers. But then, it’s essential to understand that apart from the interest rates, other varying costs vary from one moneylender to another, and it’s paramount to understand them before finding yourself paying exorbitant monthly fees.

The best thing is to go through their terms and conditions and get an overview of their charges.

This will be an eye-opener to the extent of their charges and help you make an informed decision.


As a borrower, always be careful of the money you are about to get. Remember, this is not charity offered but will soon be repaid. To avoid messy situations, work on the factors mentioned above, know the loan repayment terms, any uneventful experience in the company, and how it was handled.

Also, get to understand how the customer experience is handled in the company lest you become a victim of circumstances and lose your hard-earned cash. Many moneylenders talk of offering the best service to their clients, but always research before making a final decision.