Do you have an emergency and wondering how to get a loan? Well, it is not that complex. As long as you have all the required documents, it will be easier to get a loan.

In as much as there are a couple of sources of getting funds or loans, you need to consult a credit company to be on the safer side. This is because credit companies tend to have a proper procedure without any hidden agendas that you will know after you get the loan.

One of the most reliable credit companies in Singapore is Tradition Credit. Not only is the application process direct but also so easy.

How To Borrow Money From Any Reliable Credit Company.

Step 1: Decide The Amount You Want.

First, before you borrow money from any reliable credit company, you need to decide the amount that you want. Remember, you need to borrow enough money that will meet all your needs.

It won’t be fair if you borrow some money that won’t cater to all your needs. Also, will you be able to pay after a certain duration? Do a proper examination of your conscience to know whether you will manage to pay on time.

Step 2: Check Your Credit Score

While still trying to figure out the loan to take up. Remember to check your credit score. Do you think you can be able to get the full amount that you are asking for? If you have ever defaulted on loans, then be assured that you can have a bad credit score that can mess you up.

Therefore, just try to check your score and see whether you are in a financial position to pay the new loan timely. Also, remember that the credit company will also check your credit score to see whether you are credit-worthy. There are tips that can help you to get a credit loan.

Step 3: Check The Company’s Interest Rates.

Once you know the money that you want to borrow. You should go to the respective company and get to learn about their interest rates. Is it something that you will comfortably be able to pay for?

Most companies, like Tradition Credit, offer different types of loans based on your needs. Therefore, you need to choose one based on your needs. If you get a certain amount, will you be comfortable paying it in a year?

Step 4: Check The Types Of Loans

Another consideration is the type of loans that they offer. For example, Tradition Credit offers different types of loans like personal loans, short-term loans, unsecured loans, cash advances, business loans, SME loans, loans for expatriates, and coe car loan renewal.

Just try and evaluate your needs, and you will be able to decide on the kind of loan that you need. Also, don’t be in such a hurry to make such a decision. Take your time.

Step 5: Read All The Policies, Contracts, Laws, And Other Information About The Offered Loans

Before agreeing to get any loan. Make sure to check all the company’s policies, terms and conditions, contracts, and all that. You might miss some crucial information there that will come to haunt you later on.

Be assured that you will need to fulfill any legal obligations with the credit company. Also, consider whether you will be able to abide by the contractual terms.

Remember, if you default payment, it can cause a big issue. If you are unable to pay on time, there are certain fees that you may be charged that can strain you.

Step 6: Apply For A Loan From A Credit Company In Singapore.

Once you are satisfied with all the details you have gotten from the platform. You can then consider applying for the loan. All you will need to do is to fill in the required details and the business credit company officers will get back to you within one business working day.

After that, you will be given a go-ahead on how to get the cash and the documents that you need to apply.

Step 7: Ask For Clarification

Before finalizing the loan application, try and get some more information about the loan from their perspective. You will be surprised by the new information that you will gather from the customer service agent that you hadn’t seen on the website.

Remember to ask as many questions as possible to understand how the loan contract will be. This is where you also need to inquire about the interest rate, repayment rate, and other fees that will be charged. Information is power and this will help you to make a proper decision.

Step 8: Take The Relevant Documents

Once you agree with all the terms and conditions. You can now consider taking the relevant documents to the company’s physical location for more scrutiny. This is essential if you want to get a loan.

In other places, they don’t require you to go physically, but if the credit company requires that. Remember to bring all the document copies that you need.

For example

Tradition Credit Pte Ltd
Blk 205 Bedok North Street 1
Singapore 460205

Tel: 6283 1323


Step 9: Sign The Relevant Documents

Once you are sure of the documents, you can now consider signing the relevant documents provided by the company. Also, try and read all the documents carefully to know what you are signing up for. After that, you will be able to access your specific loan


Step 10: Plan For The Money

Once you get the money, you will be in a better position to know how to plan for it and use it in the right way. Therefore, know how you are going to use the money and not just use it to have fun rather than to fulfill most of your responsibilities.



That’s the best way to borrow money from a credit company. You need to go a step at a time to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. It can be troublesome if you decide to just go for a loan and not use it as you should. All the best as you borrow money from a credit company in Singapore. Make your decisions with a sober mind.