A personal loan is worth considering if you want a loan to sort out your unexpected emergencies. But it is essential to know what it entails in a personal loan.

This type of unsecured loan offers as fast cash in Singapore. The reason it is termed as unsecured is that there is no collateral attached to it, and as such, the lender cannot repossess any asset even when you cannot repay the loan.

Banks, Credit unions, Licensed money lenders and other loan lenders offer this type of loan, but the interest rate depends on the institution you engage with. Before taking a personal loan, there are several considerations you need to keep in mind. We are going into detail to see how you can get the lowest Interest personal loan in this article, but first, let’s see how a personal loan works in Singapore.

When you apply for a personal loan, the expectation is that you will receive a lump sum disbursement depending on the approved amount. Repayment for the same is based on a monthly installment basis, but it is still allowed that if you get some money, you can pay back in a lump sum. The repayment amount comprises the principla+interest+ any other fees to which one may be subjected at the time of signing the offer letter.

How to Get the Lowest Personal Loan In Singapore?

  1. Confirm the Monthly Instalments.

Before signing up for the loan, confirming that you can manage the monthly installments and have low monthly costs is imperative. Avoid prolonging the repayment period. The longer the period, the higher the interest rate.

  1. Check Other Personal Loan Alternatives

Financial organizations offer a variety of loans. For instance, if you are carrying out home renovations or an SME loan and are eligible for it, then it would be worth considering such types of loans because they attract lower interest rates.

  1. The Loan Amount to Take

Do not take a loan amount that you cannot be able to repay in time. If you fail to repay any loan, you will be subjected to high-interest rates. Therefore, do not take a long-term loan just to manage your repayment costs but incur high interest in the long run.

  1. What to Look for EIR or Interest Rate?

Effective interest rate reflects the actual cost of a loan in Singapore, including the processing loan costs. In such a case, it is worth checking the EIR apart from the interest rate advertised. This will help you compute the total expense of the loan and make an informed decision before accepting the offer.

Should You Apply for a Loan With a  Licenced Moneylender?

In Singapore, licensed moneylenders offer quality loans, especially if your credit reports are good. But it is crucial to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate moneylender to avoid high-interest rates and harassment, to say the least.

It is imperative to confirm the legitimacy from the Ministry of law under the list of licensed microlenders in Singapore.

However, there are reputable ones, and Tradition credit is a reputable licensed moneylender that will give you value for your loan. They are fast and efficient and will take you through the entire process until you are comfortable with their terms.

But as a disclaimer, always feel free to shop around the licensed moneylenders until you are satisfied. But ensure that you take the one with the lowest interest rates you can pay in the shortest time possible.

But is it Important to Take a Personal Loan?

Getting a fast cash loan is essential when you urgently require a lump sum of money. As much as the interest rate could be high, this decision could be a viable alternative when looking forward to meeting your short-term financial needs. But once again, ensure that you can repay your loan before taking one.

Below are some reasons you may require applying for a personal loan.

Medical  Emergencies– At times, medical costs come up unexpectedly. However, it is essential to put some money aside to cater to emergencies, but if it happens, you may require some money to top up what you already have.

Education– If you want to further your education, need extra textbooks, or still need to pay your child’s school fees, then a personal loan can sufficiently cater to the costs.

Debt Consolidation- You can use a personal loan to consolidate your debts into one. This will help reduce your total monthly installments into one loan account. You will also reduce the interest rates. However, always compare the interest rates from different financial organizations before making up your mind.

Considerations Before Taking a Personal Loan

Apart from the interest rate, there are a few more considerations that you need to make when taking a personal loan in Singapore.

  1. Manage your Finances– As you plan to take up the loan, be sure to borrow within your ability or, better still, leave within your means. And when you take one, work with a monthly installment that you can commit to without challenges so as t meet your other financial obligations.
  2. Have a Well-Laid Plan– As you plan to take your loan, remember to consider any additional charges such as processing fees, interest rates, and any other costs defined. And remember to pay back your loan in good time to maintain a good credit score.


You can visit a financial institution to start the loan application process with this information. It is essential to remember the advantages and disadvantages of taking a personal loan based on your circumstances and ability.

Take care of your spending and spend the loan based on the purpose you borrowed it for.

If not sure how to go around the money, seek legal counsel and get conclusive guidance.

Are you still worried about the best place to get your loan? Not at all. Visit us for that swift and easy process of acquiring your loan today.